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Engelke Consulting

Engelke Consulting Group provides railroad, small business, safety, and risk management consulting services. Let our sound knowledge-base and proven methodologies work for you.

Our Team
Alex Engelke,  Owner and Principal Phone: 630-664-7754

A brief summary from Alex:


"I have over 15 years of experience in railroad start-ups, process improvement, operations, industrial switching,  financial, safety, track maintenance management, locomotive maintenance management, and railcar repair/fleet management.  I also have a solid background in railroad safety (OSHA and FRA) and railroad law. I enjoy safety program development/administration and  training railroad employees (conductor, engineer, track inspector, operations management, logistics, intermodal, and railcar repair) as well.   Starting up new railroads and improving overall performance (finance, operating, marketing/business development, safety) of

existing railroads is a very enjoyable activity.  I am blessed with solid industry contacts at the FRA, STB, ASLRRA, and at Class 1 and 2 railroads. Visit view my consulting website.  I have also expanded my breadth of business knowledge to encompass finance, advanced business modelling,  and advanced business analysis through my MBA program. On a personal note,  I enjoy investing in all types of securities and instruments, priding myself in solid returns and learning something new in the process."

Don Blansett,  Principal Phone: 480-522-9439

A brief summary from Don:


"I have a high level of enthusiasm for transportation by rail, whether creating infrastructure, expanding the customer base, or designing operational capacity; railroad transportation has provided me with a wide ranging variety of experience. My interest is to continue a career in transportation with an eye toward building and expanding transportation capabilities.I have experience on different sides of the transportation equation, where crafting of the enterprise to provide quality service led to revenue growth. To this end, I have worked with industries of various size and shape, and led teams to meet the needs of customers while achieving corporate goals. I have managed infrastructure improvements to enhance efficiency, developed capital projects to grow and maintain traffic, while managing resources to improve profitability and lower costs.My past roles included managing multiple departments, developing operating and capital budgets, business plans, engineering management, power requirements, and effectively working with interchange partners."

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